E14: Frank Musker, Legendary Songwriter

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Frank Musker is one of the most internationally successful and established British songwriter/lyricists in music. His musical versatility has allowed him to collaborate with some of the world’s most important artists which include: Queen, Air Supply, Gypsy Kings, Chaka Khan, Eric Clapton, Carly Simon, John Denver, Roger Daltry, and more. Some of the songs he is credited with writing includes Queen’s “Too Much Love Will Kill You” and Air Supply’s “Every Woman in the World.”

In 1989, Frank, along with other four other singer, songwriters and musicians formed the band World Goes Round, who got to record an album that never saw the light of day, until now, the album is available on all digital formats, and on vinyl, via Viper Records.  Their single from the album, “Put It On The Line,” is dedicated to all of the devoted service people around the world during the current Covid-19 climate.

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Queen’s “Too Much Love Will Kill You”

Air Supply’s “Every Woman In The World”

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