E6: Huey Lewis and the News drummer, Bill Gibson

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Bill Gibson was born in Northern California and began playing music at 7-years-old. When he turned 12, his father, gave him his first pair of drumsticks and took him to see all the great big band jazz artists of the day. It was during that time period of his life when he became obsessed with the drums.

By age 18, Gibson formed the band Sound Hole.

Sound Hole would eventually disbanded in 1976 and Bill started to play with legendary San Francisco bassist Jack Casady, Nick Buck, and Brian Marnell in a punk band called SVT.

In 1977, Huey Lewis and Sean Hopper’s band, Clover, had disbanded and Huey put together a lively jam session/variety show called “Monday Night Live” at a local club called Uncle Charlie’s. The band featured the core of what was to become The News. The Monday Night Live band began to record demo tapes in hopes of getting a record deal and in 1979, Huey Lewis and the News was formed with Bill as a founding member.

In February 2020, the band released their tenth studio album titled, ‘Weather.’

Huey Lewis and the News:
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Music: https://www.purple-planet.com

(Photo: Huey Lewis and the News Facebook)

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