E25: Ansley Gordon, Actress & Writer

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Fresh off the set of Ansley Gordon‘s latest film, “Love on the Reef,” in which she wrote and stars is as Dr. Isla Waters, she took time to join us for this episode. In February 2022, Ansley wrapped the starring role in another TV RomCom “Lean Into Love,” which is set for a Spring 2023 release.

In December 2021, she filmed another title she penned, “A Single’s Guidebook to Love” which is set to come out this fall.

Along with her work in romantic TV movies, she has worked on a number of network comedies including FX’s “Better Things,” “Crazy Ex-girlfriend” on The CW, and Starz’s “Survivor’s Remorse.”

As a writer, her work spans multiple genres and in her short screenwriting career, she’s sold nearly a dozen screenplays and currently has several others in development with both studios and production companies.

She resides with her husband and two cats in Los Angeles.

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